Whatever your business is, working capital is crucial, and there are times you will need quick access to working capital.

Working Capital Finance is designed to be a simple and easy short-term loan for when you need them most, but it is important that you understand why you need it, and to find the right lender for your sector, who not only understand your business needs, but give you the right loan. At Leasetech, we can help you explore your needs, and find and secure the right funds, at a competitive rate(s), so you can stay on track, and on top of your business.

  • Competitive rates
  • Provides extra working capital and supporting cash flow when you need it
  • Quick and easy way to secure a cash injection so you can pay suppliers / staff on time
  • Can be used as part of wider funding package needs
  • Ideal way to set up short-term affordable funding
  • Particularly suitable for SMEs working with corporate clients
  • Ideal way to deal with slow paying clients, seasonal downturns and even growing business demands when you need additional capital to deal with increasing demands

Want to know more? Get in touch today and let us guide you through your options. We treat every application on a personal basis so that your search is tailored to your business requirements and we’ll work with you to ensure you get the finance that is right for your business needs. That way, you can be assured we’ll find you the best rate and the best financial product for your needs.

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