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Size doesn’t really matter, people do.

Are you a small business owner looking for finance? With so many lenders (with a preference for larger, established businesses) and products out there, where do you start?

That’s where we come in. We pride ourselves in helping small businesses develop and grow by finding the right loan at the best rates.  With our comprehensive range of business loans and finance solutions,  we offer better alternatives to bank debt and other types of finance.

Whether you’re looking to generate cash quickly to grow your business or you’re fighting the good fight to survive,  or perhaps you’re changing the world, we can help.  We will give it to you straight with no jargon or technical language, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, we call it a duck.  To us, size doesn’t really matter, people do, that’s why we pride ourselves on sorting credit where credit’s due.

Features and benefits

Expertise and empowerment

With over 40 years’ experience in business and finance, we’re experts at what we do and our entire ethos rests on one thing: Empowering our customers and partners by converting finance solutions to competitive advantage.

Technology, agility, simplicity

We will be with you shoulder to shoulder through the whole process using the latest award winning technology and story based lending solutions to secure the finance you require.   We pride ourselves on our agility in securing simple, straight forward finance for you, our customers and partners.

Difference is good

We are trusted by almost 4,000 businesses to help with their finance.  We’re pretty different from other companies as we have founded, built and sold small businesses,  while working with finance houses to deliver uncomplicated finance solutions, that are straightforward and easy to immediately integrate into your business. We share our experience, tools, relationships, knowledge and expertise to help your business grow as we foster our core values of agility, simplicity and trust. Let us release you from the frustration of traditional funding relationships and their associated complexities, while giving you and your customers both flexibility and the finance you need.

How it works

We say yes to finance for almost 200 new business customers a month. At Leasetech, we understand you want the best rate and the right funding options for your business, which is why we use our award-winning technology to search what’s out there. Even better? You’ll have a decision in minutes.

  • No obligation, no fuss. Just tell us how much you want to borrow and why, and we’ll show you your best options
  • Tell us your requirements and we’ll search our providers
  • We will apply on your behalf and quickly secure the finance you require

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Business Loans

Working Capital

Property Development Finance

Invoice Finance


Our valued customers

“Leasetech took time to come and see us and understand exactly what our business does and what we are trying to achieve. Based on their experience in the unified communications market and their understanding of leasing, we completely changed our strategy from a mobile led strategy to a finance with unified communications led strategy. Our business has gone from strength to strength.” - Dan Sales Director Unified Comms

“The team at Leasetech helped us accelerate our business growth plans as they introduced us to an upfront revenue model which replaced the monthly revenue model we had been using. They showed us a fresh perspective on accessing finance and were able to finance 100% software costs which a lot of other funders couldn't do.” - Robin Managing Director Software

“We took a loan with Leasetech after they had been recommended by a friend. The finance was at a great rate, hassle free and organised within 48 hours of request. The agility and pace at which they operate gave me a great sense of confidence and the experience was incredible, especially when compared to dealing with my high street bank. I highly recommend Leasetech and I'm delighted to say they are also a customer of ours.” - Jay CEO Marketing

“I've known and worked with Gavin and Ricky for many years and I always introduce them into businesses that I invest in. Their experience and business and finance knowledge is extensive and they bring a lot more to the table than just raising finance.” - Marcus CEO and Investor