If you need high levels of funding for your next business move, Mezzanine Finance might be the answer.

Sitting somewhere in the middle of debt and equity finance, Mezzanine Finance borrowing is secured on the future of your business.

By choosing Mezzanine Finance you will get the funds you need, with the understanding your debt (along with any interest charges) needs to be repaid, otherwise, an agreed amount of equity interest in your company can be taken.

  • Ideal for funding major challenges such as acquisition, rapid growth, large projects or buyouts (especially as these can often be deemed as risky borrowing when it comes to seeking more ‘normal’ funding solutions)
  • Allows you to maintain equity
  • Flexible repayment schedules to suit your business
  • Repayments can be tailored around your growth plans – low repayments at the beginning and larger repayments (when you have more cash available in line with your growing business) towards the end
  • Costs can be recovered in a number of ways, such as through shares in the business or an agreed amount of equity interest in your company if the debt cannot be paid back in a loan type way

Due to the complicated and bespoke nature of Mezzanine Finance, it is important to ensure it is the right finance solution for your business – and to find the right Mezzanine Finance provider. That’s where we come in.

Get in touch today and let us guide you through your options. We treat every application on a personal basis so that your search is tailored to your business requirements. That way, you can be assured we’ll find you the best rate and the best financial product for your needs.

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