Secured vs Unsecured Loans

Which should you choose? If you’re looking for a business loan, you need to find the most cost-effective funding solution for your business and often, the question is, do you choose a Secured Loan or an Unsecured Loan? At Leasetech, we have access to all areas of the lending market and, our team has the … Continued

Peer to Peer Lending

Also known as P2P lending, Peer to Peer Lending involves matching lenders (people or businesses who want to lend money) with borrowers (those who want a loan) via online services. Peer to Peer lending is fast becoming a popular way to borrow money as for many people, it is a handy way to take out … Continued

Mezzanine Finance

If you need high levels of funding for your next business move, Mezzanine Finance might be the answer. Sitting somewhere in the middle of debt and equity finance, Mezzanine Finance borrowing is secured on the future of your business. By choosing Mezzanine Finance you will get the funds you need, with the understanding your debt … Continued

Business or Commercial Loans

If you need a Business or Commercial Loan, we can help. Do you need immediate funds to grow your business or deal with any cash flow issues? Whether you’re a sole trader, limited company or partnership, and whatever the size of your business, our team can help you find the right Business or Commercial Loan … Continued