School / Education Asset Finance

If you need funding of assets for schools or educational institutions,  we probably have the answer. As you’re in the educational sector, you’re most likely working to strict budgets and expenditure – yet the need for the latest equipment and an environment to support modern day learning is paramount. We can help you choose the … Continued

Residual Value Leasing

Residual value based leases could help you acquire equipment and technology that you need at a lower monthly payment.  As your finance payments take into account depreciation, the higher the asset’s value at the end of the lease period, the lower your payments. Want to know more? Get in touch today and let us guide … Continued

IT, Software and Technology Finance

In an ever-changing and developing world of technology, businesses need to stay on top of IT to stay ahead and stay connected. But investment into all the latest software, services and hardware can run deep, which is why our IT, Software and Technology Finance solutions can help. At Leasetech, we understand the need for finding, … Continued

Finance Leases vs Operating Leases

Finance leases A finance lease is generally a hire agreement over a period similar to that of the asset’s life. You get full use of the asset and pay the full value over time, but don’t technically own it, however it does appear on your balance sheet as the risks and rewards of ownership sit … Continued

Commercial Vehicle Leasing and Finance

Whether you’re looking for a single van or a fleet of HGV vehicles, Commercial Vehicle Leasing and Finance funding solutions can help you cut, as well as spread the cost of the vehicles you need. At Leasetech, we understand the need to find the most competitive deal for this kind of finance, and we have … Continued

Asset Refinance

Refinance Assets: Use the asset you own to finance the assets you need by releasing funds you have already invested to work for you a second time   Asset Refinance allows you to raise money on existing assets you own to finance new assets while still having full use of the existing assets.  Asset refinance … Continued

Asset Finance and Equipment Leasing

Asset finance is typically used to give you access to equipment, machinery and vehicles and can be done using different types of finance agreements such as equipment leasing, hire purchase, finance leases, operating leases, or asset refinance. Asset finance allows you to avoid the risky cash flow position of paying large sums of money up … Continued